Technology & Development

Technology & Development

Technology is the enabler of the products and services that most businesses are offering today.  We specialise in analysing your business objectives - taking into account people, processes and commercial requirements - and convert our findings into technical solutions.  We place emphasis on creating seamless omni-channel and people-centric user experiences that achieve fluid interaction between the user and any information device.  We take on web development and construct lead generation landing pages, microsites, mobile and Facebook apps, and any other responsive applications, across multiple platforms. We provide enterprise solutions, project management, information architecture optimisation, technical strategy, development of applications, data and infrastructure management and visual design solutions. 

Web development

We deliver web development and custom content management solutions (CMS) that are logical by way of architecture and responsive in design to achieve a flow of information that makes for an optimal interactive user experience across multiple platforms and on any device. Our developers will map a particular sites user interface so as to achieve a seamless omni-channel experience.

Application development

We’re obsessed with building apps that people love to use across all devices.  Our in-house app developers and business analysts will work with you to understand the purpose of the app that you want to develop, taking into account any business, functional and user requirements.   

Mobile apps development

Our programmers concentrate on writing and deploying optimal versions of mobile applications that not only meet the requirements of each client but that take advantage of the unique features of the mobile device they are intended for.  This is achieved with each application undergoing an arduous design process as well as rigorous usability and quality assurance (QA) testing on multiple devices. 

Facebook apps development

More than 1 billion people use Facebook and this number is growing rapidly.  Reaching out to your Facebook audience effectively in order to drive interaction and engagement is vital.  One way of achieving this is through the development of Facebook apps.  Taking into account current trends, our developers can offer suggestions on applications that will drive consumer engagement and conversation, generate brand awareness, and increase lead generation and new customer acquisition.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Engagement with the right customers - wherever they are and in real time - is a critical element of any good digital marketing strategy.  And, how you engage with them, in other words the content you use, is as imperative.  We understand the value of great content which is why we connect you with content management systems that enable you to organise, create, modify, edit, publish, test, maintain and measure content across multiple channels.  We also employ a gamification approach where applicable to amplify social interaction, customer engagement and retention.


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