Insights & Analytics

Insights & Analytics

Designing a meaningful digital marketing campaign first requires the collection and analysis of data that can be condensed into useful information.  This cross-channel activity of data mining is a critical part of digital strategy as it allows us to completely understand consumer behaviour and extract from that what we need to create a people-centric digital marketing strategy.  We use business intelligence (BI), quantitative analytics, sight behaviour tracking, predictive analytics, A/B or MVT testing, content personalisation, media optimisation, audience behaviour tracking and other methods to gain critical data insights.  This enables us to establish KPIs based on your business objectives, to properly align your products and brand to the needs and habits of consumers, and to achieve maximum ROI through continual digital strategy optimisation. 

Conversion Optimisation 

Through the smarter use of data and conversion optimization techniques we assist you in increasing the conversion rate of your website, landing page or microsite. We will develop a conversion optimisation strategy based on your business objectives so as to improve your brand’s online performance and results, and to attain ROI.  We utilise controlled testing (including A/B and multivariate testing techniques) and continual analysis rather than guesswork to measure performance and amend digital strategy where needed.

Google Analytics

Good data gives you the right insights that can then be converted into action.  We use a range of Google integrated data and analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your brand’s online performance in terms of sales and conversions as well as the behaviour of visitors to your site.  We then recommend ways on how your brand can perform better and achieve maximum ROI.

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